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Top 3 TRX Exercises for Biceps

 TRX Exercises for Biceps – Do They Work?

The TRX Trainer is a great piece of equipment. I use it with a lot of my clients and mix it into my workouts often. It allows you to work your entire body in a unique way. The instability of the straps makes for a great core workout and is awesome for shoulder stability too! Now all that stuff is great for overall health and a well-balanced body, but what if you’re just focused on getting some killer biceps today? Well look no further! The TRX offers a few exercises that will strain your biceps like no other piece of equipment can. Try these 3 TRX exercises for your biceps and you’ll be sporting some nice guns in no time!

1. TRX Bicep Curl

The classic bicep curl with the added TRX twist. The TRX Bicep Curl isolates the biceps more than any other exercise on the TRX. The suspension training aspect keeps tension on your biceps throughout the entire lift which leads to a big time pump and serious burn.

How to Perform:

1. Start with a strong plank with your arms bent beyond 90 degrees. Think hands by the temples. Elbows should be shoulder height. Palms should be back and down.

2. Slowly extend at the elbow, keeping the elbows up. DO NOT let your elbows drop down beneath your shoulders. You’ll get a way better muscle contraction that way. Finish fully extended, still in a strong plank.

3. Finish the lift by bending at the elbow and returning the starting position. Again, keeping the elbows at shoulder height. Focus on squeezing and flexing the biceps throughout the entire lift.

2. TRX Bicep Clutch

The TRX Bicep Clutch is a cool alternative to the regular curl. It’s one of the unique TRX exercises that is hard to replicate on any other piece of equipment. This one-two punch of bicep curls is a great way to hit the different areas of the bicep.

How to Perform:

1. Start with a strong plank with your hands one on top of the other. Keep your hands at upper chest level with elbows out to the side at shoulder height (very important). Don’t let your elbows sag down or it starts to turn into a row.

2. Extend at the elbow, maintaining your plank. Finish with palms facing each other.

3. With elbows at shoulder height, begin to bend the elbow, pulling the hands back into the chest. Remember to alternate hands.

3. TRX Low Row

The TRX Low Row is primarily a back exercise, but it’s also a great TRX exercise for the biceps. It’s a quality, multi-joint exercise that allows you work several muscle groups, and typically lift a much heavier weight than you can do with one of the isolation exercises above. You can also play with your hand position to work the muscles differently.

How to Perform:

1. Start with a solid plank (seeing a pattern here??) with elbows under shoulders, bent 90 degrees. Pulling your elbows back excessively will cause unnecessary movement in your shoulder.

2. Extend your arms, allowing your body to slowly shift backwards. Keep your shoulders down away from your ears as you extend. You want to maintain good posture.

3. Begin to bend your arms to return to the starting position. Think pull your elbows back, not so much pulling your hands in to your chest. This will help you keep your shoulders down.

Mix in these three TRX exercises for your biceps to really give your arms a unique workout. These bicep exercises are great for tearing up the muscles fibers. They’ll have your arms burning, your core working and your body sweating!

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