Weider XRS 50 Home Gym with 112 Lb. Vinyl Weight Stack

$289 $399

Save yourself the hassle of an annually-renewed gym membership with the XRS 50 Home Gym System from Weider. This complete workout unit includes everything you need to engage your entire body for better health and more powerful, lean muscle growth. High and low pulley systems power up to 280 pounds of resistance that can build strength across all major muscle groups in your body. A combined chest press and fly station can sculpt your pectoral muscles, and a pulldown bar enables you to engage and define your lats. A comfortably-padded 4-roll leg developer allows you to target and train your lower body; perform leg extensions to build and tone your quads and hip flexors. Manufactured with durable construction and sewn vinyl seats, this home gym system will work as hard as you do, through your most intense strength training sessions. An included exercise chart developed by a certified personal trainer illustrates proper form on a variety of exercises to enhance your results.


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