Titan Fitness Plate-Loaded Lying Prone Hamstring Curl and Leg Extension Machine, Rated 300 LB, Lower Body Leverage Machine

$399.99 $769.99
This combo Lying Prone Leg Curl Extension Machine is a great way to vary your leg routine by isolating your hamstrings and quadriceps.
  • LEG CURL BENEFITS: The lying leg curl is the most dependable hamstring exercise. With the plate-loaded option, you can work to your preferred strength level for power training or also for rehab.
  • LEATHER PAD DESIGN: The angled pad helps ensure proper exerciser positioning, minimizing stress on the lower back, while the leg/foot pads provide smooth resistance during the exercise.
  • ANCHORS: The machine's footprint provides four bolt-down holes for concrete anchors or takes advantage of the counter-balance weight post for stability without permanent mounting.
  • DURABLE STEEL CONSTRUCTION: This machine has a tough, dependable frame built with 2 x 2-inch 11-gauge steel. The powerful steel body means this machine can last for years with proper use and endure plenty of intense workout routines.
  • DIMENSIONS: This lower body machine has an overall length of 60-inches and an overall width of 36-inches. The loadable weight plate sleeve is 10-inches long with 49mm of diameter. The Lying Prone Leg Curl Extension Machine weighs 110-pounds and holds a weight capacity of 300-pounds.

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