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Product Overview:
This gym home station is ideal for doing easy weight lifting at home with multi-function Simply inserting the weight pin into your desired weight and lift Easy for doing pull ups, pullovers, pull-down, by using lateral bars.
Providing leg workouts as well by pulling with foot wrap for leg workout developer Features bicep pad which is adjustable; Features cloth cover for better protect weight.

Product Parameters:
Types of training: 24 training methods
Weight stack: 45kg(99.2lbs)
The size after assembly: 165*100*205cm(65.0"*39.4"*80.7")
Material of the main body of the instrument: steel
The largest bearing: 150kg(330.7lbs)
Support area material: Leather and sponge
Gross weight: 115kg(253.5lbs)

Item included: 053190
TECHTONGDA Comprehensive Trainer Household Single Station Exercise Fitness Equipment Integrated Trainer Gym Strength Training Workout
  • Combo Chest Press/Butterfly Arms: Develop stronger upper body and chest muscles with this dual purpose feature. With a simple machine adjustment, you can isolate specific muscles with either a chest press or a butterfly arm movement.
  • High and Low Pulleys: The pulley system facilitates a smooth fluid motion with every movement, so that you can focus on your workout without interruption.
  • 4-Roll Leg Developer: The 4-roll leg developer allows for leg extension exercises to isolate the front leg muscles as well as leg curls to target the back of the legs, so you can get a comprehensive, gym-quality leg workout at home.
  • Multi-Position Lat Bar: With several hand positions available, you can change your grip on the included lat bar to target specific muscles in your back and arms.

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